New Page for Heros Only!

I decided that I needed a page to inspire me, to let others know the sorts of people I admire. So the beginnings of the page are at My Hero Page today. I hope to add more images, some thoughts and quotes, etc. as I have time and energy. But for now, here are a […]

A Letter Never Written

Sometimes, when a person dies, you think how sad and go on about your business… not today. Today a Very Brave Woman died, and I can’t help wishing I had known more about her. Here, in a letter, is what I wish I had said to her, what I wish I could have asked her.

Recovering slowly…

Initially, I didn’t have time or energy yet to write a full report on the last two three weeks, but I revised this the next day to cover the high (and low) lights. Suffice it to say, busy had been the operative word non-stop until December 20. And the next day I spent trying to […]

Surreal Week (and did I mention the rain?)

Last Sunday, we watched the tail end of the snow from the previous day melt. Monday, heavy rain had water rushing over the highway that runs parallel to the road I usually take to get into town…  and then over the road itself.  When I passed by, it wasn’t too alarming, but apparently later in […]

Another Youssif Update

He came out of surgery — pretty well, now that they found a couple of bleeders and stopped them. Here is the CNN article. And just in case you missed the earlier posts… Death and Destruction Update on Death and Destruction Another Update: Death and Destruction Update on Youssif

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