My brilliant kids… and their great performance!

Okay, proud mama moment… this is one of the songs the kids played last Saturday at the local school’s Spring Swing. Sorry about the picture quality, and the sound isn’t that great either, because the battery on the video camera went dead and I finished recording the concert on my little Photosmart camera. Unfortunately, in […]

Garden update

I want to boast about the later-blooming fruit trees: cherry (might actually produce enough for a pie this year), pear, apple and nectarine (though not much hope for fruit there… it has peach-leaf curl). Here are a couple pics of the blossoms. You can tell the family resemblance, I think! From the top: the european […]

What is wrong with people?

TOO MANY people these days are afraid to get involved. Too many people suspect things are not right in various places and don’t investigate further, don’t ask authorities to check, don’t keep an eye out to verify or disprove suspicions. The rest of this is an emotional rant… read on if you dare!

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