Green Living and Profitability

Here is a CNN article about a solar company that has several unique aspects: Namaste Solar Electric is the company’s name, and they “walk their talk,” which is refreshing. Here is a link to Namaste’s actual website. When companies, big and small, do what they can to reduce their impact on the earth, then it […]

Picture Postcards

I wanted to put up a bunch of pictures, but I am not really into writing a long travelogue today. So, here are a few of the prettier and more memorable pics from the trip to Canada. Sorry about the blurriness in some… my camera lens had a smudge on it that wasn’t apparent until […]

A pretty picture

This is just one painting by my friend Jillibus — she did a whole series in the 1950s when she was living in Quebec, Canada. I took this photo of her work (and some others) while visiting this past weekend. I have her permission to share these with you, and will gradually load one at […]

Sidney, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Canada)

Hello to all! We are here (see title) today, Stidgrandmere, a stidkid and myself. While on the Big Island we have seen Hetty and her husband (yesterday in Victoria) and lunched with Hetty, Jillibus, Flosey, Raelite, and Saanichcat here in Sidney today. Supper tonight with Raelite’s family, and tomorrow we will be on Salt Spring […]

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