Good Voting Records

Well, they won’t all vote, but at least about 75% of the people in my state who are eligible are at least registered. Here’s a link to the news story about it. Applause for the people who are registered… forgive me for not holding my breath to wait for you to actually exercise your right. […]

The infectious nature of microbes

I am doing a project for this quarter, checking to see what-all grows in my home compost. Today the younger stidkid helped me out, taking photographs for me of the various spread plates I have going from a dilution series I started earlier this month. He also helped count the colony forming units (CFUs) for […]

November’s “Spare Time” Project (yeah, right)

I will participate in National Novel Writing Month again this year, but I doubt I will get the 50,000 word limit this time. That’s okay, I haven’t been writing much the last few months because of school, and it would be a good challenge to work toward. I suppose I will have most of the […]

Stidkid #1 and the Big Brass Band

Well, it’s not the best title, it was actually four trumpeters and their conductor from the student orchestra. They played a couple lovely baroque fanfares for an event downtown that promotes after-school activities. Not sure what the piece was, will try to remember to ask the kiddo tomorrow. He’s the one on the left, btw, […]

Blog Action Day — Poverty

Okay, I have posted a few links in the days leading up to today. As I was thinking about what to write, I decided to talk about what poverty is (and what it isn’t). And a little bit on abundance. This is my own perspective/opinion, if it helps you, great — if not… would love […]

Blog Action Day -1

Okay, probably by the time you read this, it will be the middle of Blog Action Day and I will be working on my post. But in case you are a nightowl and need something to read, consider this: wealth and health are intertwined. In a few countries (Canada and Sweden, among others), a form […]

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