Stidkid #2 in action

The students sparred as part of their taekwondo test. Here he is, with the glasses and long hair, starting on the right. Unfortunately, I can’t rotate the board-breaking video, so this will have to do. This was light sparring, the fellow on the left (all of the people on the left) were either instructors or […]

More pics from the trip

The pics below show a biofilm near the Longmire Mineral Springs in Mt. Rainier National Park, followed by a few mushrooms (at least three types, I think) at one place along the trail around the springs. The next few show the Tatoosh Range, a small brook with interesting biofilms and lichen on a rock, the […]

Three Years on Mt. Rainier

On to the main topic, the field trip for the class I am taking on Microbial Ecology…. We went to explore the mostly untrampled flora around Mt. Rainier. The primary focus, lecture-wise was pretty much on mycorrhizal fungi: how they work with trees and other plants to provide nutrients, and occasionally how they are parasitic or otherwise pathenogenic. However, we were also able to explore some bacterial biofilms, lichens (a symbiote between bacteria and algae), and a couple of “charismatic megafauna” in the form of a black bear and some deer at Paradise on Mt. Rainier.

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