The pics below show a biofilm near the Longmire Mineral Springs in Mt. Rainier National Park, followed by a few mushrooms (at least three types, I think) at one place along the trail around the springs. The next few show the Tatoosh Range, a small brook with interesting biofilms and lichen on a rock, the new visitor center (opened today, 10 October 2008) with the old one in the background, and the bear — hiding its face of course. The final two are the little bridge across the Ohanapecosh River and the information sign at Pack Forest — a pic of one of those trees is in the previous post.

A final note: while the weather had been predicted to be wet and cold (possibly snowy) we had only a small amount of light snow and only a few light sprinkles. Yes, it was a little chilly, but not out of the ordinary for the foothills of a major mountain at the beginning of autumn.

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