Supporting our Youth

I LOVE the way WITS (Writers in the Schools), based in Houston, Texas, supports and promotes literacy and writing. I periodically visit this blog that has a poem written by a child each day. There is so much talent, so much sharing that goes on! It makes my mama/teacher/writer/human heart glad. Today only (Nov 25) […]

Women, Rights, World Peace

So often, we focus on the wars (which are mostly the result of men acting violently) and gang violence (again, mostly men). But there are other types of violence and abuse that affect the way the world works, and perhaps the most insidious and pervasive is the way women are treated as second-class citizens (or […]

Civil Rights belong to Everyone

I have also been following the “what does marriage mean” conversation. I believe that churches should be able to define the rites and rituals they perform. I do not believe that churches should be able to limit legal agreements, though they certainly have every right to be allowed to restrict membership to those who follow […]

What being an American means…

or doesn’t mean. I have been following this case intently: CNN article on Klan trial To those who believe they are justified in acting against a person based on their looks or behaviors, speech or clothes, take note: The United States was founded on the principle that ALL men are created equal, and deserve equal […]

President-Elect Obama

There is now an official website for the president-elect. CHANGE.GOV Blog, info, and more. It looks like it will be a good resource for people interested in what is planned, and what is happening. Many people are worried that the incoming administration will be too liberal… that taxes will go up, that jobs will decline, […]

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