More pictures…

This shows the process I used to make this year’s “new year” card… the first good one always goes to my parents! Here is the lovely little fir at my parents’ house — these open trees show the ornaments off so well! And here is the elder stidkid trying out his grandfather’s cross-country skis for […]

Solstice Greetings!

Our family tries to do something special for the solstice, and most years we manage something fun. Plans sometimes change, and this year due to the snow we won’t visit my parents. We’ll celebrate with them another day. Here’s what we are planning: Roast turkey, rice dressing and a fennel and potato side dish (inspired […]

Remembering Persecution

This is an important reminder, something I make sure my children understand whenever the subject comes up: The Holocaust was not just about the Jews, it was about any and all people the government had decided were unworthy, less than human in one way or another. Discrimination against people for their religion, national origin or […]

More about the snow…

The drive into town was fine. The drive home…   well it was snowing.  Pretty steadily for about an hour while we were finished the shopping.  We figure it snowed 6 more inches from the time we left the house. A picture taken by the stidkid shows our estimate is pretty close. By the time we […]

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