Recap: The meeting was officially over last Thursday. Friday, a trip to Mt. Rainier that did not go well (writing as a planner) but was plenty exciting and beautiful (writing as a person who loves scenery). That is what started the migraine that lingers still, 6 days later.

During the meeting, I enjoyed a few brief moments with new friends — but overall, there was little time to visit, or even sit down. Or eat. I lost a lot of inches the last few weeks; but because we don’t own a scale, no idea if I lost any weight or just redistributed the pounds to muscle. Either one would be fine with me!

Still not feeling completely great, but MUST finish the reading and writing for the last class this summer. I think I can do it. May not be my very best work, but should get the credit I need, enough to fulfill the requirements for everything I am trying for.

The History final went well — I definitely have an A in that class, remains to be seen if it’s a solid A or if I nudged up far enough for a “plus.” Grades are due out on Tuesday for that class.

And then… soon… a trip to our friends up north. Just a few days, but I think it will be nice for the boys to get away before school starts on Sept. 9. Wish I could also take them south to Ashland, but only enough time for one trip and “north” is closer. I’ll go to Ashland solo this year…

And that’s all for now. More soon.

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