Quiet Day of Light and Shadow

A week after the official start of autumn, and it’s cooler. Won’t get into the 70s today, and the sun keeps getting swept behind the clouds by the wind. It’s going to stay in the 40s at night and not get above the 60s much from this point on. I admit to some regrets that […]

The turning of the season

Last day of summer, first day of autumn, this is a bitter-sweet time of year for me. Usually (and this year was definitely the epitome) I had lovely plans for the summer which quickly filled up and became unmanageably busy. The two or three things I had longed for usually never happened, and the growing […]

The fun (and limitations) of technology

I will go ahead and post this to the stidmama at LiveJournal blog as well. So you can manipulate the pictures yourselves, I am going to load them as a gallery of thumbnails you can click on to see a bigger image. Use your back button to return here afterwards. This is Jupiter, with the […]

PINK highlights and “starting point” pics

I decided to play with the look of the site a little, it had been over a year. More changes to come, but I thought I would see how I like the fuschia pink for titles and links. Here are a few pics of the house: the first three of the office, which you will […]

Passages: Sam Hinton

Sam Hinton. The world will miss you. Though I never had the chance to meet Sam personally, I grew up looking through a book he had written and illustrated on the sea life of the coast of California. I think we all grew up knowing some of his songs. As an adult, I rediscovered him […]

First day of school 2009

First the elder child — didn’t realize the flash wasn’t flashing until long after he was off to school. I tried to adjust the colors to be less dismal. Hope you can see his “aussie” fashion statement! And then the younger, looking dapper and nonchalant. The flash worked on this one, but the pic is […]

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