Friday Fiddling: Challenger, Force and Motion

Today was the 25th anniversary of what is called the “Challenger Disaster.” I was standing in a line outside a chow hall in Orlando, Florida when the launch took place. I had my back to it, so didn’t notice it. I was devastated later when I heard — I have always been intrigued by the […]

Wednesday Wonderings: Thinking about Thinking

This last week I have been thinking very carefully about the camera obscura we made last Friday and how it allowed even those of us who have some experience and knowledge about optics to engage in the process; to be able to observe things that formerly were “known” only through books and thought experiments. Rather […]

Garden Improvement

Well, it only took eleven years, but here is our latest gadget for the garden.  We saw it on sale at several weeks ago, but it only arrived last week.  Tom and the kiddo finished putting it together Friday night. As you can see, Lucky is very interested in the entire process.  And the […]

Friday Fiddling: More Detail

The PDF from the OSPI on the Science standards says that this unit will focus on: In upper elementary school students measure the quantities of force, time, and distance, and compare the speed of two objects. (p. 107) I will be planning a two or three week unit that gives general guidelines for investigating measurement. […]

Wednesday Wonderings: The BIG IDEA

Three “Quality Questions” What is the nature of measurement? What can we use to measure force? Motion? How could you explain force or motion to someone who has never moved? What I know: The idea of measurement comes easily to me to me at this point in my life. I have a vast repository of […]

Monday Musings 17 Jan 2011

Measurement is a key component for science at all levels in all branches. How fast? How far? How heavy? How many? The concepts surrounding counting begin when we are very little. We start with a concept of “one-ness” then add “two-ness” and “more than two (many).” Over time, we learn that we can always “add […]

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