Measurement is a key component for science at all levels in all branches.

How fast?
How far?
How heavy?
How many?

The concepts surrounding counting begin when we are very little. We start with a concept of “one-ness” then add “two-ness” and “more than two (many).” Over time, we learn that we can always “add one more” (the idea of infinity) and that anything can be cut in two or more parts (fractions). From there, we move to more and more complex understanding of the ways that numbers interact.

We measure things in terms of numbers and comparatives.

Hotter than. (Hottest)
Cooler than. (Coolest)
Slower than. (Slowest)
Faster than. (Fastest)
Bigger than. (Biggest)
Smaller than. (Smallest)

What are ways we can measure our world? What are some things (items) we can use to compare? What are some other words we use when we are measuring?

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