I am thinking that I would probably like to embed the ideas for this unit in other units, as well. These are fundamental principles, these Newtonian ideas… they cover many branches of science, and are actually somewhat difficult I find to really isolate.

I am looking over the ideas and resources that I have been collecting over these many weeks and wondering “now what?” I think that force requires the ideas of inertia and mass as well as motion. I haven’t even mentioned inertia before! I also think that measurement per se is probably going to be a real issue.

And another resource that just called me on the phone, my friend Chris R. (an artist and engineer), who offered some suggestions:

  • real life example, a swing (pendulum) variable mass, solid lever on the pendulum (Not a string) [me: croquet mallet and ball?]
  • soccer/kickball
  • kinetic energy is greater for a greater mass at same velocity; convert kinetic energy to force is higher mathematics
  • my question:
  • ?do children understand momentum more than acceleration?
  • distance + mass are two of the variables for force, missing only time

For the rest of this evening, I am getting the seminar prep out of the way. And ignoring the need to get the reference section of the paper pulled together properly.

One Interaction on “Sunday Synopsis: What I am thinking, doing, and learning

  1. Neat to read Kathleen!

    The pendulum and balls sound like things that will really engage student attention & perhaps help them recall things they’ve seen related to your concepts.

    My guess is that children would have more experience with momentum than acceleration. I remember seeing it mentioned with preschoolers leaping over empty milk cartons~ evenly spaced out down one side of the room, and then along another side of the room, there was more space for running before the last leap. Thinking of acceleration, I can only picture cars…maybe a dog?

    See you in class!

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