Over the next two or three weeks, I am expected to pull together my thoughts on this unit to produce a rough outline of a unit on my topic. Which is measurement of force and motion. Right at this moment, I have to admit that I am not completely sure whether I have all the information I need.

I want to have a clear basis for evaluation: both formative and summative assessment.

I want to find a couple of videos or computer-based supplements because the students who are visual learners rather than kinesthetic would benefit.

I want to have a preponderance of hands-on and discourse-rich experiences for the students as well.

I want to be sure that I have adequate support for the students who experience learning or productive differences (who will need additional scaffolding or support to learn and demonstrate learning).

I want to be sure that at the end of the unit all students will have had an opportunity to learn or review:

  • appropriate science vocabulary
  • what measurement is about
  • what the concept of force means and awareness of force in real life
  • the dimensions of motion (direction, speed, acceleration) and awareness of how motion relates to force
  • mass (at this age, weight will be sufficient in concept) and how it relates to force

AND I am re-writing the Master’s paper.

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