Poem a Day: Epic Fail? #11 – 17 April 2011

Well, I got through last Sunday and then petered out. Just got all caught up in lesson plans and such. So here are seven short poems to get me caught back up. Land of Chin and Han Shang Chou T’ang dynasty built on dynasty relics and art intermingled (China) Manet Monet Debussy Saint-Saens Rodin Louis […]

Poem a Day # 8 April 2011

gradual association of disparate cities, states, city-states from counts to barons princes and an emperor or two out of many, one a shared linguistic heritage rivalries of creed or coffers now full now empty and must needs be replenished the armies or ragtag mobs desperate crusading or caroling from the tall mountains to the lowlands […]

Poem a Day # 7 April 2011

Over the mountains, northward they came mountain people warriors into new territory rich and ripe fertile lands between the mountains free for the moment from the rampaging empire-builders to the south here a new culture as rich as the land brewmasters musicians artists farmers and saints they set their sights on prosperity and posterity and […]

Poem a Day #5 April 2011

House of Windsor, Edwardian, Victorian, Hanoverian, Stuart Tudor, York, Lancaster, Plantagenet, Norman — the Conquerors who spent so much claiming land pre-occupied: farmed, tilled, managed and lived on countless thousands of years ——-don’t confuse the rulers with the ruled—— chalky to rocky, beach to bluff so close to history step here dig there reveal the […]

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