I am several days late getting started, but here is my first poem for this month!

Getting back
in the saddle
in the groove
on the road
to basics
to rights

Is harder than it seems.

On the surface
the return
to normal
or to the accustomed
should make sense.

It should be easy.

But inevitably something
(or you)
will have changed.

And in the change is growth, yes,
but also loss.

And loss is hard.

So here we go,
trying once again
the new-old, old-new.

Establishing routines
and making our way along
and strange tracks
Looking for signs
of what was
and hoping for

NaPoWriMo has helpful ideas and hints. You can still sign up to participate online, or participate on your own as you wish. There is no fee, no prize (other than the satisfaction of accomplishment), and no pressure. I did NaPoWriMo many times, and enjoyed it. You can check April archives from about 2009 on (I didn’t particpate in 2013 or 2014), or look for the Category NaPoWriMo in the search box. I finally have the leisure, the stability and the interest in writing again. It feels good.

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