Round about October-November our son, Matthew, was discussing the “Raspberry Pi” computer he was using (an adjunct to his other devices). I asked if he was interested in getting the magazine and as a bonus (surprise!) it included a “free” basic raspberry pi device for me.

It arrived last week.

Tonight, Tom is helping me get it set up. It required a micro-SD card to hold the OS – Tom set this up for me because it was simpler on his computers, but he is going to walk me through the other set-up processes. This is MY fun toy. I haven’t played around with or used any hard-core programming for at least a decade (since I went back for grad school), so it’s going to be a steep learning curve. But I need some sort of hobby other than smashing zombies (a post for another time), and to pull me away from teaching-related tasks when my work day is done.

The image shows our “media wall” above the gas fireplace. In the center of the image is a flat TV being used as a monitor for my Raspberry Pi. In the center of the TV is the “Update Software” box with the infinitisimally slow progress represented by a small gray square on the extreme left of the bar… It’s going to take a while!

While we wait, it’s left-over chicken pie and The Expanse. Geeking out with the man I love.

The handsomest man.

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