Mother’s Brag

AS in me, being a mother, bragging on my own child. Proud as I am of the kids, every so often one of them is particularly cute. Here is a pic I took this evening after the Alice in Wonderland performance, he’s posing with his makeup artist! Wish you could see the really amazing silver […]

What I thought was an allergy…

seems to have turned into a virus. A head cold, actually. Not influenza. Which is good, because the flu knocked me back about three weeks winter quarter. But this is bad enough. Didn’t study at all yesterday, just sat around in bed mostly, playing computer games because I couldn’t concentrate well enough between coughs and […]

More pictures…

This shows the process I used to make this year’s “new year” card… the first good one always goes to my parents! Here is the lovely little fir at my parents’ house — these open trees show the ornaments off so well! And here is the elder stidkid trying out his grandfather’s cross-country skis for […]

A pretty picture

This is just one painting by my friend Jillibus — she did a whole series in the 1950s when she was living in Quebec, Canada. I took this photo of her work (and some others) while visiting this past weekend. I have her permission to share these with you, and will gradually load one at […]

6th Grade Language Arts

Well, this wasn’t just “my” project, but I had a hand in it, and I feel good about both the planning process and the execution of the unit. I am quite proud that I worked outside my comfort zone in many areas this year, but this particular project was both the most challenging and the […]

My Own Poem

Well, Robin has been writing poems all month. I thought it would be a good idea to write one also, since I didn’t manage to participate in NaPoWriMo (this time). Independent, I black / white red / blue conservative / liberal happy / sad why choose? be bold, bright, splendid / quiet, calm, reserved grey, […]

Poet of Note

This is from “Always a Reckoning” by Jimmy Carter. I really treasure this book. Some of the poems make me uncomfortable, some make me sad or angry. This one in particular makes me feel peculiar. Wistful? Priorities of Some Mexican Children A sign was leaning toward adobe shacks back from the road, across a dry […]

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