Babblers Babbling…

Today, FOUR Babblers showed up in Olympia: Bugsaw, Jillibus, jmcnrick, and Pinikula. We had a great time, and plotted our work for tomorrow. I will have pictures of them up then… Right now, a link to the scarves they chose stidmama’s picasa album. More pics and a full report in the morning…

Year-End Wrap-Up

Well. It was a LONG school year for me. And now it is over. I am apparently continuing in the program, and have a student teaching assignment lined up for next year! I will meet with my mentor teacher next week. The end result of the actual teaching in the school I was doing my […]

Sidney, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Canada)

Hello to all! We are here (see title) today, Stidgrandmere, a stidkid and myself. While on the Big Island we have seen Hetty and her husband (yesterday in Victoria) and lunched with Hetty, Jillibus, Flosey, Raelite, and Saanichcat here in Sidney today. Supper tonight with Raelite’s family, and tomorrow we will be on Salt Spring […]

A New Story Idea

When Dr. Nut asked me to write a pirate story, I said “sure thing” without giving it a thought. After several days of trying to get my ideas to gel, I was about to give up. But Nut is tenacious… so I finally finished it and she put it on Babblecast for your listening enjoyment. […]

Stid Family Goings-On

It has been a very busy couple of weeks for some reason!First off, congratulations to my Babble-Friends, Featherbee and kristinc, who both had their bundles of joy delivered safely in the last few weeks. Two more bouncing babies added to our happy Babble Family. Let’s see… my last post was on the 8th… a lot […]

Beautiful British Columbia, Part Four (the last)

Monday morning, another gray and cloudy (and slightly cool) day, no different from home — except we were the guests of gracious hosts… stidkid#1 and I at Hetty and Alan’s house, stidkid#2 at Jillbus’. Like so many times when I am away from home (or just on vacation at home as this week) I woke […]

Beautiful British Columbia, Part Three

Well, Sunday dawned cloudy and gray — a bit misty, with promise of rain… I had asked to accompany Hetty and Alan to church — they sing in the choir (as the veteran performers they are) and then go to the local hospital to sing for some of the people in the long-term care unit […]

Beautiful British Columbia, Part Two

Waking up Saturday morning to a lovely view out Hetty’s living and dining rooms, I had a leisurely breakfast, then woke up stidmatt and he had a lovely porridge made by Alan. Dropping by Jill’s to be sure stidgrant was ready to go, Alan took the boys on a walk while Hetty and Jill and […]

Beautiful British Columbia, Part One

Without wanting to sound like an advertisement for tourism… British Columbia is one of the prettiest places on earth. From the many islands off the west coast, to the mountains, to the lakes and cities, each spot seems to hold more and more wonderful things to discover. The people are (for the most part) friendly, […]

Forgetful? Or Just Lazy? You Decide!

As I was posting about my child and the pirate puzzle earlier today, I realized I didn’t post about our visit toward the end of June with Babbler Hetty and her darling husband, nor about the ATC card Babbler Atalante sent me last week! With apologies for such omissions, I plead summertime activity syndrome… and […]

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