People and Problems

It seems that all too often, we consider those who are violent or otherwise anti-social to be “others.” An intriguing book indicates that the difference may in fact be smaller than we like to think. (thanks, R, for pointing this out) Cass R. Sunstein’s review of Leaderless Jihad: Terror Networks in the Twenty-First Century by […]

Books I am Reading

Many Children Left Behind Subtitled “How the No Child Left Behind Act is Damaging our Children and our Schools.”  by Deborah Meier et al.  This was published in 2004, but the comments by people from many aspects of the education world are still pretty current. If anything, they have more meaning as time has gone […]

Sailing Alone: Pacific Lady

There is a woman right now, rowing across the Pacific Ocean… Tom has been following her progress with great interest. You can too, at But the really exciting thing is that today I met the first woman to sail solo across the Pacific. There we were, Mother, the stidkid (#1) and I, walking into […]

6th Grade Language Arts

Well, this wasn’t just “my” project, but I had a hand in it, and I feel good about both the planning process and the execution of the unit. I am quite proud that I worked outside my comfort zone in many areas this year, but this particular project was both the most challenging and the […]

Yummy Vegan Knitting (reprise)

Lolo, the blogger who writes VeganYumYum, was on the Martha Stewart Show today. I am not really a fan of Martha Stewart, but I do love to read this blog! It’s inspiring and helpful to me as I try to come up with yummy, attractive things to feed my family.  It was great to see […]

Helping in High School

I never thought I would do it, but I did. I am helping in one of the kids’ English classes at the local high school.  They have book discussion groups, and I am working with one (my kid and two others chose to read the same book).  Today was the first day I got to […]

Another Cool Author

Well, I admit I still need to read the books, but Stidkid#2 has a new favorite author, it seems. Lately, he has been reading aloud the Artemis Fowl books, by Eoin Colfer to me while I drive him places or do housework. This is a great series! And one I recommend.  I think I still […]

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