NaPoWriMo 2015.16

a day late a dollar short teachers have many choices and schools have services but not much influence when a child enters late departs early naps through social studies or math or science-reading-all day after day who watches the children after school who nurtures them at night who wakes them lovingly (but insistently) in time […]

Difficult Times

I generally try to avoid politics here. I feel, however, it is important to express important things. And right now, I want to express my sorrow at the escalation of wars in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. I am distressed and concerned about the possibility for a very serious and wide-ranging involvement. What can […]

cruel consequences So sad, so terribly sad murder and abuse happen in large and small ways, all around the world every day; and every time, every day, it is a tragedy. Sometimes it is spectacular, headline grabbing, internationally noted. Sometimes it is quiet, hidden, and personal. And every time it is a tragedy. No child should […]

Occupy the New Year: A Challenge

This is a good time to dedicate ourselves to making the world a better place. Rather than focusing on self-centered goals at this time for resolutions (lose weight, clean out the garage, exercise more), why not choose one specific project that will help many people? For example, this is an election year. If you are […]

LATE Blog Action Day…

I was so distracted by the trip I took this month that I completely forgot to post for Blog Action Day (which was on October 16).  So here is what I would have said, had I been less distracted, and more alert. Food is good.  Next to air and water, it’s an essential.  And yet, […]

Sometimes, a little bit of publicity can save a life

And if my half-dozen readers aren’t “a little bit” I don’t know what is! I was alerted to a pressing need for a bone marrow donor through Seth Godin’s blog. Here is the post that caught my attention: Eliminating the impulse to stall. And here is the website for Amit Gupta who desperately needs a […]


My beloved Granny died this morning. She was a rock, an anchor, an inspiration for four generations. Though for several years she was not able to live independently, she nevertheless maintained her positive attitude and good humor throughout. For those of you who didn’t know her, Granny was more than just the family matriarch after […]

Passages: Sam Hinton

Sam Hinton. The world will miss you. Though I never had the chance to meet Sam personally, I grew up looking through a book he had written and illustrated on the sea life of the coast of California. I think we all grew up knowing some of his songs. As an adult, I rediscovered him […]

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