Imbolc, Lunar New Year, Beginnings and Delays

[meant to post this LAST weekend, but …. ] As usual, my plans fell apart almost as soon as 2023 was underway. Students came back to school in pretty bad shape. For weeks they struggled to engage, their stamina for learning and effort was almost as limited as at the beginning of the year. AND […]

Winter Traditions in Our Family

Traditions…. many cultures have “winter solstice” or solstice-adjacent holidays. Our family draws on several different traditions this time of year, though most of them are less religious for us than cultural. Advent (yes, the root of the word adventure! see for derivation) is a season of watchful waiting and preparation for Christians in many […]

Important Dates in our Lives

Today is the 21st anniversary of the day our older son became a big brother. He was so proud of his little brother! Here is a pic of the birthday boy and his big brother the day after he was born… When he was about 3 or 4, he LOVED that Snowman toy! When they […]

Letter to my home on the importance of children

[Draft One, 12 March 2015] Did you know that before you were here, another structure inhabited the land? In the first Act of this land’s existence, there was a deep, varied garden, filled with nut trees and timber trees, with berries, with vines and flowers, and with creatures that depended on them all. Then silence […]

The rest of the story…

I have been remiss in my “mama” mode for quite some time. I reported my own finishing, but neglected to trumpet my elder’s significant events this month! Here is a pic of him at his girlfriend’s house before the senior prom… And here is a pic of him a few days later, with his brother, […]

Babblers Babbling…

Today, FOUR Babblers showed up in Olympia: Bugsaw, Jillibus, jmcnrick, and Pinikula. We had a great time, and plotted our work for tomorrow. I will have pictures of them up then… Right now, a link to the scarves they chose stidmama’s picasa album. More pics and a full report in the morning…

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