Important Dates in our Lives

Today is the 21st anniversary of the day our older son became a big brother. He was so proud of his little brother! Here is a pic of the birthday boy and his big brother the day after he was born… When he was about 3 or 4, he LOVED that Snowman toy! When they […]

Letter to my home on the importance of children

[Draft One, 12 March 2015] Did you know that before you were here, another structure inhabited the land? In the first Act of this land’s existence, there was a deep, varied garden, filled with nut trees and timber trees, with berries, with vines and flowers, and with creatures that depended on them all. Then silence […]

The rest of the story…

I have been remiss in my “mama” mode for quite some time. I reported my own finishing, but neglected to trumpet my elder’s significant events this month! Here is a pic of him at his girlfriend’s house before the senior prom… And here is a pic of him a few days later, with his brother, […]

Babblers Babbling…

Today, FOUR Babblers showed up in Olympia: Bugsaw, Jillibus, jmcnrick, and Pinikula. We had a great time, and plotted our work for tomorrow. I will have pictures of them up then… Right now, a link to the scarves they chose stidmama’s picasa album. More pics and a full report in the morning…

A quick review of the last month…

I found the camera! Here are a few pics of the last month, beginning with supper in Portland with my grandfather and his partner, and a family friend. Oh yes, Tom and the boys were there too! a couple videos of December concerts, (hope they came through okay): the older stidkid enjoys a new book […]

Celebrating the Green!

My Irish heritage is a big part of my identity (So is the German, Dutch and then less and less French, Welsh, English, Scots…). So Fáilte (which means Welcome) to you! I will post a few pics as the actual day for wearin’ o’ th’ green (why do we clip the ends of the words […]

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