Growing Up, Growing Older, Growing Wiser: Growing

I have always been a gardener, I think — I love to be IN gardens, I love to TALK “gardens,” and I love to CREATE gardens. There is a strange shift, however, when one moves away from “gardens” with annuals and shorter-lived perennials to plants that could conceivably be enjoyed by people two or three […]

Occupy the New Year: A Challenge

This is a good time to dedicate ourselves to making the world a better place. Rather than focusing on self-centered goals at this time for resolutions (lose weight, clean out the garage, exercise more), why not choose one specific project that will help many people? For example, this is an election year. If you are […]

LATE Blog Action Day…

I was so distracted by the trip I took this month that I completely forgot to post for Blog Action Day (which was on October 16).  So here is what I would have said, had I been less distracted, and more alert. Food is good.  Next to air and water, it’s an essential.  And yet, […]

Sometimes, a little bit of publicity can save a life

And if my half-dozen readers aren’t “a little bit” I don’t know what is! I was alerted to a pressing need for a bone marrow donor through Seth Godin’s blog. Here is the post that caught my attention: Eliminating the impulse to stall. And here is the website for Amit Gupta who desperately needs a […]

Taking care of little things

I make a conscious effort to cause the least amount of pain to others that I can. I know sometimes I fail. And I know that the worms trapped on pavement that I toss back onto the soil after a rain probably aren’t grateful, if they are even aware that their situation has changed… But […]

Next Steps

Well, after the partying is done and the confetti is swept up, after the last tourists have returned to their homes and life in D.C. resumes its normal frenetic pace, the president, his administration, congress and the people need to get on with life. The rest of us… we need to get on with life, […]

Supporting our Youth

I LOVE the way WITS (Writers in the Schools), based in Houston, Texas, supports and promotes literacy and writing. I periodically visit this blog that has a poem written by a child each day. There is so much talent, so much sharing that goes on! It makes my mama/teacher/writer/human heart glad. Today only (Nov 25) […]

Stidkid #1 and the Big Brass Band

Well, it’s not the best title, it was actually four trumpeters and their conductor from the student orchestra. They played a couple lovely baroque fanfares for an event downtown that promotes after-school activities. Not sure what the piece was, will try to remember to ask the kiddo tomorrow. He’s the one on the left, btw, […]

Blog Action Day — Poverty

Okay, I have posted a few links in the days leading up to today. As I was thinking about what to write, I decided to talk about what poverty is (and what it isn’t). And a little bit on abundance. This is my own perspective/opinion, if it helps you, great — if not… would love […]

Blog Action Day -2

I think I have linked to this site in the past, but it’s a good illustration of the spread and impact of poverty around the globe. It’s not just “over there” — it’s here, and there, and there, and there, and here…

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