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I have added two pages, both are in the sidebar to the right. Under "About" is a Page that reads My Online Resume. No surprise, but it has the basic text of the resume I walked in to a local district last week. I am going to add in some of the additional activities and […]

Nearly done…

with the student teaching for this quarter. So much still to do, but I am looking forward to being able to take a few weeks’ breather beginning the end of November. The students are working on completing their final projects — a formal assessment consisting of a paper and a presentation. I am taking time […]

Year-End Wrap-Up

Well. It was a LONG school year for me. And now it is over. I am apparently continuing in the program, and have a student teaching assignment lined up for next year! I will meet with my mentor teacher next week. The end result of the actual teaching in the school I was doing my […]

Poetry Redux

Tomorrow, I teach 130(ish) 8th graders a lesson on poetry, and will focus on tanka, a Japanese form similar to, but longer than, haiku. I will also review rhymed verse, and free verse. Students will be asked to write two poems, of which one will be tanka, and the other may be anything they choose. […]

Random poems in advance…

This is an edited version, I wrote this originally Tuesday night, for posting Wednesday, and wasn’t awake enough to edit for “time sense” — thanks for being patient! Next month (tomorrow) begins national poetry month. On the drive home from school Tuesday it hailed, snowed, rained, sleeted and was generally stormy. Somehow, poetry felt like […]

Photo Essay – Early Spring

Starting with two pics from a couple weeks ago and then from today, the yard is bursting into bloom. About three weeks early. The red alder catkins are so impressive, 4 -5 inches long! The gallery images should link to larger versions. Meanwhile, I have a portfolio to complete, including a take-home exam and some […]

Writer’s Block – Thinker’s Block?

I am struggling to revise the BIG PAPER from last quarter which, as I re-read it, shows just how little I know and just how little I am changing! I am supposed to revise the paper to incorporate new information and ideas from this quarter… and I find that there are so many redundancies that […]

The Final Toll. . .

of autumn quarter was actually pretty good. Teachers: 45; me: 55. If it really were a competition, against anyone else I would have not made it. But it was more interesting and collegial than a typical grad school experience, and I am pleased with the result. In fact, the BEST part of this Master’s in […]

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