Health, the Environment, Longevity

We have the ability to greatly improve lives, or to ignore situations and let lives be lost. Not just human lives, as in the case of the current cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe, but the lives of all residents of earth. It turns out that many of the substances we use to improve human lives have […]

Punxatawney Phooey

I don’t know what the groundhog saw yesterday — my life is so busy, I forgot to check! Still, it does feel that Spring may be in the air in the Pacific Northwest. At least it was for today. Sunny, warm enough to be outside without a hat… The hyacinths under the medlar are already […]

Blog Action Day — Poverty

Okay, I have posted a few links in the days leading up to today. As I was thinking about what to write, I decided to talk about what poverty is (and what it isn’t). And a little bit on abundance. This is my own perspective/opinion, if it helps you, great — if not… would love […]

Trying something new

This is an idea that some friends use in their garden. They stick rebar in the ground, then put electrical conduit over that. Zip-tie bird netting to the “posts” and it’s too scary for the deer.  Never mind that a sneeze can break the netting…  They touch it with their noses and won’t try to […]

Goal Organiser

I am putting the pictures in as thumbnails and in gallery form — click on the small pics to get the full-size views! Use your browser’s back button to come back. An acquaintance of mine (Kate Hudson – not the actress) developed this really cool program to help organize goals — with the ability to […]

Green Living and Profitability

Here is a CNN article about a solar company that has several unique aspects: Namaste Solar Electric is the company’s name, and they “walk their talk,” which is refreshing. Here is a link to Namaste’s actual website. When companies, big and small, do what they can to reduce their impact on the earth, then it […]

Happy Earth Day

I have a whole slew of webpages that have caught my attention over the last several months. Some of them are about how to minimize your impact on the planet’s resources while maintaining a comfortable life. Some of them have been (or will be) mentioned and linked to in other posts here. This first is […]

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