Too quiet (delayed post from June 2014)

I have been “silent” for many months, working very hard at school and just trying to keep ahead of the work. I love my students, and spend most of my energy on them during the school year. It’s hard to keep that “work-life” balance sometimes. But as things calm down and become more predictable I […]

Memories… Dreams and Wishes (Pollyanna speaks)

One year ago today I went to teach on a beautiful, sunny day. I left early, telling Lucky I would be home and we would go for a walk in the evening if it was nice. Tom was still asleep. So was Grant. It was a lovely, sunny, warm day. A few hours later, Lucky […]

Taking shape: House construction!

I haven’t made it home in a couple of days. Hoping there is progress beyond the verbal agreements and discussions we had with Jon-the-Plumber and Oivind-the-Overseer (which I will call him just for alliterative purposes, he is a nice man), and Jeremiah… and and and. Here are decisions we have made: recycled glass for the […]

Stepping Forward, Stepping Back: The dance of change

In the wake of the fire, Tom and I are still working on finding equilibrium. The size of the apartment, the distance from my gardens, the lack of comfortable space and privacy, the noises of the city — and our neighbors — all conspire against the comfortable routines and patterns we used to have. He […]

Thirteen years…

Almost fourteen years ago now, the house was placed in the yard (September 1999). I planted trees in front and on the sides the following Spring. Flower beds in front the year after that, if I remember correctly. And gradually the yard and the home took shape. A few years into the process, I started […]

What I am “up” to

Here is the post I made on facebook this morning: Today is my first official day of “vacation” — the last almost three months have been hard; I didn’t work so many days that I would have (and might have), but they weren’t restful. It wasn’t even close to a “vacation” for me. It was […]

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