Sometimes, a little bit of publicity can save a life

And if my half-dozen readers aren’t “a little bit” I don’t know what is! I was alerted to a pressing need for a bone marrow donor through Seth Godin’s blog. Here is the post that caught my attention: Eliminating the impulse to stall. And here is the website for Amit Gupta who desperately needs a […]

What I thought was an allergy…

seems to have turned into a virus. A head cold, actually. Not influenza. Which is good, because the flu knocked me back about three weeks winter quarter. But this is bad enough. Didn’t study at all yesterday, just sat around in bed mostly, playing computer games because I couldn’t concentrate well enough between coughs and […]

Valentine’s Day

It’s late on Valentine’s day. I have been too sick this week to finish the valentines as I had hoped, which really bothers me because those cards are the most fun to make. The more glitter the better, and if you can fit some lace or ribbon on too, do it! Oh well, I have […]

Vaccines, History and the Future

I only just read this particular news item from December 1: Avoiding the Flu Shot?. I have made sure to get a flu shot the last two years — partly because I tend to catch every virus the kids bring home from school, and partly because I am now volunteering a LOT in the schools, […]

Blog Action Day: The Environment…

So many things a person could write about, I spent all weekend thinking and working on this post. Here is my meagre contribution to this month’s Blog Action Day. Of course, we all know by now that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize was given out to people who have been working on Environmental Issues (Global […]

True to Form… (the saga continues)

Nothing ever goes according to plan. I did spend a brief spell in town the day of my previous post… had a coupon for a free coffee and another for a discount on a book I wanted to get for one of the children’s birthdays. Just enough time to find the book, get the coffee […]

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