Blog Action Day — Poverty

Okay, I have posted a few links in the days leading up to today. As I was thinking about what to write, I decided to talk about what poverty is (and what it isn’t). And a little bit on abundance. This is my own perspective/opinion, if it helps you, great — if not… would love […]

Blog Action Day -1

Okay, probably by the time you read this, it will be the middle of Blog Action Day and I will be working on my post. But in case you are a nightowl and need something to read, consider this: wealth and health are intertwined. In a few countries (Canada and Sweden, among others), a form […]

Blog Action Day -2

I think I have linked to this site in the past, but it’s a good illustration of the spread and impact of poverty around the globe. It’s not just “over there” — it’s here, and there, and there, and there, and here…

Blog Action Day -3

Poverty is the theme of Blog Action Day this time. What is poverty? There are many definitions, a lack of money being only one of them. Here is wikipedia’s definition. Who around you lives in poverty? How would they define it?

Blog Action Day – 4

Four days to go. Here is CNN’s site that is devoted to helping people. I picked the page on Poverty to start, but there are many other topics linked to as well. Impact Your World

Blog Action Day — October 15

I have signed up to participate in the Blog Action Day. The theme is Poverty, not sure what I will write, but I’ll come up with something! The date of action is October 15 — that’s next Wednesday…

What is wrong with people?

TOO MANY people these days are afraid to get involved. Too many people suspect things are not right in various places and don’t investigate further, don’t ask authorities to check, don’t keep an eye out to verify or disprove suspicions. The rest of this is an emotional rant… read on if you dare!

Happy Earth Day

I have a whole slew of webpages that have caught my attention over the last several months. Some of them are about how to minimize your impact on the planet’s resources while maintaining a comfortable life. Some of them have been (or will be) mentioned and linked to in other posts here. This first is […]

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!Women make up approximately half of the world’s population. Every person in the world has a biological mother with whom they were connected for at least 9 months. Women are often the primary tradition-carriers in a culture — they prepare the traditional foods, teach the children when they are young to follow […]

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