Trying to stay upbeat, (however…)

Climate change. I worry about the future, not that I would likely live to see the worst effects in my lifetime, but my children might — and if they have children, my grandchildren will. Already, I believe that our climate has irrevocably altered. Things I enjoy like chocolate, coffee, vanilla… those may disappear in a […]

March: in like a lamb… (for the Salish Sea)

Friday night when I got home I noticed a pair of daffodils almost blooming by the edge of the driveway. Yesterday, they were in bloom, and today they have been joined by some of the daffodils under the medlar. There have been several years when our weather was contrary to the weather in other parts […]


A once-in-three-lifetimes event… Here are three pictures I took of our planet-watching today. Tom, setting up the telescope, an extreme-zoom view of the planet where the sun is much bigger than the aperture of the scope, and a zoomed out view where the speck is more proportional. The weather cooperated uncharacteristically, turning “mostly sunny” just […]

Poem a Day April 30, 2012

DISCIPLINE dedication intuition serious cognition insight preparation learning investigate nearly everything This is my last installment of poems about science terminology, and this word choice might seem peculiar. We don’t often think about the “dispositions” as they are called in modern education circles. However, to be a scientist requires many skills, perhaps most importantly a […]

Poem a Day April 29, 2012

axion (from Sue’s list of interesting science babblets) why   says the scientist is it this  and not that could be something          missing call it   hypothetical for now   and we’ll sort it out later sitting in silence motionless waiting for discovery I love getting words from scientists! I decided to not explore the “workings” of […]

Poem a Day April 28, 2012

caecilian (inspired by a different BBC article) don’t believe your eyes the world around has changed we remain as we have been secure in our place a masquerade burrowing swimming surviving and thriving limbless eyeless or nearly so tropical generally fascinating always Here is a page dedicated to Caecilians, a pdf of a powerpoint-style slideshow […]

Poem a Day April 27, 2012 (bonus poem!)

allele (suggested by Tabitha) genes encoding simple traits complex traits interesting phenotypes thrilling combinations stir and mix one unique individual I like using “official” sources for the terms that I am only vaguely familiar with (if I am trying to grasp the full function of the word of the day). Here are three sources I […]

Poem a Day April 27, 2012

weeds life growing rampant essence of survival I WILL Weeds are nature’s way of letting humans know who’s boss. [Helpful hint: not humans!] If soil is capable of sustaining life, seeds (or rhizomes) take hold and grow. They don’t ask permission, they don’t try to hide, and they don’t assess situations for the perfect moment. […]

Poem A Day April 26, 2012

cholecalciferol standing-straight in the sun seeking the warmth finding the light you made your own strength sitting-low in the office huddled over the desk flourescents flickering your weakness company profits We are surprisingly fragile creatures, we humans. As any engineer knows, the more complex the design the more likely something will fail — something important. […]

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