A weekend excursion

For the first time in a very long time, Tom and I journeyed forth to see if a trail that was indicated as “accessible” really was. Spoiler alert: not really! While I am definitely more comfortable walking, and choose to stand at my computer most of the time, walking more than two or three hundred […]

Visiting Friends: A Weekend of Fun

Last Thursday, Mother and I drove up to Port Angeles (again) and took the MV Coho of the Black Ball Line to Victoria (again) and began a short excursion that included Salt Spring Island (again) and Courtenay/Comox (again) and the Saanich peninsula (again). It’s something we enjoy, places that are beautiful, laid-back, filled with kind […]

Vacations, Dreaming, End-of-Summer-Time

Summer is almost gone, in our world. Astronomically, we have at least another month. Realistically, two weeks. If we are lucky, an “Indian Summer” in October for three or four weeks before the clouds close in permanently and the rains wash all the remnants of sunlight away. A week ago, I was in “Beautiful British […]

Day Trip to the Volcano

Mount Saint Helens. I was a young teen when she blew her top for the first time in living memory. Recently returned to the Pacific Northwest, I remember some inconvenience due to ash fall, and my parents’ worried expressions, but nothing like the people on the other side of the mountains for hundreds of miles. […]

New favorite restaurant in Seattle

Bamboo Garden just two streets north of the Seattle Center. It’s vegan (except the fortune cookies) but you would probably not notice it. The food is filling, tasty and very nicely presented. Prices are reasonable. Parking was adequate, but it’s not really accessible. I think there is a ramp (not sure, came at it from […]

Vacation in Victoria

Took the elder stidkid with me this past weekend to give him a chance to visit friends and see the sights of Victoria, British Columbia, in the winter. Unfortunately, the same snow that hit us hit them also. So we were unable to meet up with some of our friends. We did however get to […]

More about the snow…

The drive into town was fine. The drive home…   well it was snowing.  Pretty steadily for about an hour while we were finished the shopping.  We figure it snowed 6 more inches from the time we left the house. A picture taken by the stidkid shows our estimate is pretty close. By the time we […]

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