Valentine’s Day

It’s late on Valentine’s day. I have been too sick this week to finish the valentines as I had hoped, which really bothers me because those cards are the most fun to make. The more glitter the better, and if you can fit some lace or ribbon on too, do it! Oh well, I have […]

Something Blue

Something blue… blue skies, blue eyes, blue berries! The picture above is of the bushes that have been heeled in “temporarily” for about 8 years. This year, they will be moved to their permanent position down below the garden, in an area that is low-lying and therefore boggy much of the year, but dry and […]

Something Borrowed…

As I have the start of the flu (it seems) today, I am glad the blog carnival topic is some/thing borrowed. I am going to borrow the idea of how people get along with each other. What about love? There are many types of love of course: friend-love, parent-child love, hormone-driven love, romantic love. Most […]

Something New

#2 in the blog carnival started by The Other Mother. New. New things are exciting, entertaining, sometimes frightening, and often challenging. Last summer, I started something new. I went back to school. Nearly 20 years after getting my “B.A. in absolutely nothing (Liberal Arts)” I realized I needed to pick up a few more classes […]

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