Election Night

It appears, from very early returns and exit polls, that Barak Obama will be the 44th president of the United States. This is an historic day. Despite my hating to hear people use this phrase indiscriminately, in this case it is true. The people of the United States appear to have elected a person who […]

Election Day

A few links to sites about the voting that is going on in the United States today. Here is one in Spanish, I followed a link and followed a link and found La Nation’s Website with a blog attached. Here is a link to the local newspaper for Thurston County Washington (also read by people […]


Tomorrow, November 4, is election day in the United States. Assuming you are a registered voter, please DO VOTE! If you are not eligible to vote, remind your friends and neighbors! Democracy works best when all eligible citizens participate to the best of their abilities. I have my ballot, ready to put in the collection […]

More about Voting

I followed a link and followed a link. Thanks, Fran, for pointing this out. Here is the original video from myspace.com Don’t Vote! A note to citizens of the United States who have internet access but no fixed address… by the provisions in the United States Constitution you can still vote for president, and in […]

VOTING and registering

In order to vote in elections in the United States, citizens must first register. This helps ensure that only qualified votes (citizens of legal age who have not had this right revoked for legal reasons) are cast. Today, October 4, is the last day Washington state residents (who must also be citizens of the United […]

Open Letter to Senator Obama

Dear Senator Obama, Thank you for participating in the nominating process for the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. I was not, unfortunately, able to participate in that process, due to the Washington State Democratic Party’s refusal to accept the state’s primary ballots and my inability to attend a caucus. I am not a Democrat, but would […]


I don’t usually post on politics, but my preferred presidential candidate has stepped down.  I am looking for the “next-best” now…  and reviewing the options that remain. So, let’s talk politics a bit: What makes for a good leader? What is the difference between campaigning and doing the job? What sort of qualifications should one […]

Update on School Levy Amendment

I woke this morning to learn that the levy is considered to be passing with a growing lead. That lead amounts to less than 1% still… 50.3668% in favor and 49.6332% opposed. I will not hold my breath, but will wait until the measures are certified in a few weeks. Meantime, I received a comment […]

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