Flower path (at the Parentals’ house)

Here is a gallery of pics from my parents’ place, showing the lovely path my father crafted on one side of the house. They have planted tulips and groundcovers, and added pavers to the path. Enjoy the gallery! Click the thumbnail to see the full-size image. Sorry they’re not better quality, cell phones only do […]

Pictures for Earth Day

The elder stidkid took these lovely pics for me about two weeks ago, but I was saving them for today. Here are some of the pretty sights in the yard — all non-native. There is often a lot of bad news coverage about the earth: climate change, habitat devastation, natural disasters. It is good to […]

Snow. Again. ARGH!

This is what was outside my front door yesterday, such lovely little daffodils. They’re about 4″ tall, they herald the arrival of the bigger ones. You can see the pink hybrid hyacinths are getting ready to bloom in the lower right corner. And last night, we had some visitors, sorry about the quality of this, […]

Garden, plants and WEEDS

Here are the pics from this morning, this is the first year the Korean dogwood has really bloomed. I saw a couple bracts last year, but this year it is spectacular. The grasses and weeds in most of the yard are knee-high to me (our babble friend “riemann” would claim that makes it ankle-high to […]

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