New favorite restaurant in Seattle

Bamboo Garden just two streets north of the Seattle Center. It’s vegan (except the fortune cookies) but you would probably not notice it. The food is filling, tasty and very nicely presented. Prices are reasonable. Parking was adequate, but it’s not really accessible. I think there is a ramp (not sure, came at it from […]

Yummy Vegan Knitting (reprise)

Lolo, the blogger who writes VeganYumYum, was on the Martha Stewart Show today. I am not really a fan of Martha Stewart, but I do love to read this blog! It’s inspiring and helpful to me as I try to come up with yummy, attractive things to feed my family.  It was great to see […]

Something Borrowed

The theme today (Valentine’s Day in the United States) is something borrowed… The book I “borrowed” from a friend who has since passed on? The idea I “borrowed” (with permission of course) from my friend in fourth grade? She really drew the best people! The money we “borrowed” from our parents, truly intending to pay […]

Free Rice

This is a cool website. Improve your English vocabulary — and do something good for people who have need. Free Rice. It works a little like the old word association tests in school. They give you one word, then you choose the closest equivalent from four others. If you get it right three times in […]

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