More pictures…

This shows the process I used to make this year’s “new year” card… the first good one always goes to my parents! Here is the lovely little fir at my parents’ house — these open trees show the ornaments off so well! And here is the elder stidkid trying out his grandfather’s cross-country skis for […]

Stidkid #1 and the Big Brass Band

Well, it’s not the best title, it was actually four trumpeters and their conductor from the student orchestra. They played a couple lovely baroque fanfares for an event downtown that promotes after-school activities. Not sure what the piece was, will try to remember to ask the kiddo tomorrow. He’s the one on the left, btw, […]

Bragging Rights

As you-all probably know by now, I am unjustifiably proud of my kids. Well, it’s school play season again, and our younger has a great part (again). Here he is in a few pics from today, ladies and gents, I present Nicely-Nicely Johnson! Makeup artist at work: How to take a hat off, you can […]

Helping in High School

I never thought I would do it, but I did. I am helping in one of the kids’ English classes at the local high school.  They have book discussion groups, and I am working with one (my kid and two others chose to read the same book).  Today was the first day I got to […]

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