What’s in the Garden

I took a break today from lying down (2nd day in a row spent mostly in bed due to migraine + asthma). With Tom’s help I was able to spend a couple of hours doing light – EXTREMELY LIGHT – yard work – planting tulips, trimming back/removing old, damaged, and dead branches, and enjoying the […]

This week in the garden: (last week of June 2022)

It finally got warm around here. A little too warm. Near (or slightly above) 90 at our home three days in a row. Not today, of course, when I had planned a little garden tea with my mother and one of our children! Today we’ll be lucky to reach 70. Still, the warmth was wonderful […]

Spring Approacheth (but don’t get too excited yet)

There are now some lovely little “English daisies” (Bellis perennis) coming up in the lawn in places, their fuschia-and-white blooms contrasting nicely with the bright yellow of the dandelions (I like to think of the latter as droplets of sunlight rather than weeds).  I can see trillium beginning to unfurl in the back, but can’t […]

Plants in (and planned)

Already in the veggie garden, we have: From starts (Black Lake Organic starts, our favorite local nursery/garden store): Basil (one purple, one green, no name) Calendula (two “citrus” type and two other) Cucumbers (5, various types) Dill (no name) Parsley (flat, italian-style, no name) Tomatoes (3 varieties, I think they are 2 yellow pear, a […]

More plants and mathematics

I figured since I am avoiding math homework I might as well take a couple pics of the garden as it looks since this morning… This is me, looking over the squash (which are a little droopy from the hot sun today), just past 6 pm my time. This is the stidkid, looking over the […]

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