Twenty years ago, twenty years from now…

At 5:45 am (west coast time) I was jolted out of my sleep, startled by an image in that dream of a plane crashing into a building. It was the first official “homeschooling” day for us, and I was eager and excited to get everything pulled together for the beginning of our grand adventure as […]

Learning to be OK with “just okay” or, “Why being the richest doesn’t mean being the best.”

Starting this very long, somewhat rambling post with a disclaimer: I do not pretend to be completely knowledgeable about the history and social dynamics of any country other than the United States. Most of my direct experience in life has been from a somewhat privileged vantage point of the child of two college graduates (both […]

New Year, More of the Same…

More, and Worse? The democratic institution of allowing citizens to vote was threatened even before the recent general election. The votes of tens of thousands of people were at risk of being ignored. And then? THEN irresponsible and unprincipled people began to advocate for open defiance of the laws of the land, and even for […]

New Year: 2020 part TWO?

Remote Learning. Pandemic. Covid. SARS-Cov-19. Social Distancing. Masks. Quarantine. Isolation. Work-from-Home. Black Lives Matter. These terms are not isolated to the year 2020, and except for Covid and SARS-Cov-19, are not new. The issue of public safety sadly took a back seat in an election year with a grossly under-prepared national leadership and woefully underfunded […]

Idiocy, Prejudice and Terrorism

Yep, it’s one of my famous political rants. Hold on to your seats! It is quite clear, and has been for some time, that the terrorists who planned the 11 Sept 2001 attacks have won. Most are long dead, but the United States is at war on two fronts with insufficient resources to fight either […]

Out of Touch and Out of Time

The headline right now at CNN reads “Grim Bernanke Offers Grave Threats.” The premise is, apparently, that unless the Federal Government gives money — with no strings attached — to the companies that caused this whole economic mess the economy will take a huge downturn. Newsflash for Mr. Bernanke: The economy took a huge downturn […]

Open Letter to Senator Obama

Dear Senator Obama, Thank you for participating in the nominating process for the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. I was not, unfortunately, able to participate in that process, due to the Washington State Democratic Party’s refusal to accept the state’s primary ballots and my inability to attend a caucus. I am not a Democrat, but would […]

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