The fun (and limitations) of technology

I will go ahead and post this to the stidmama at LiveJournal blog as well. So you can manipulate the pictures yourselves, I am going to load them as a gallery of thumbnails you can click on to see a bigger image. Use your back button to return here afterwards. This is Jupiter, with the […]

Science Fair Success!!!

There were many wonderful (and a few weird) science projects this year at the local school. Our participant received the third place award for his grade level… Here are two pics of the project “in situ” — the second one shows it next to the first-place winner for their grade, a good experiment with plants! […]

The infectious nature of microbes

I am doing a project for this quarter, checking to see what-all grows in my home compost. Today the younger stidkid helped me out, taking photographs for me of the various spread plates I have going from a dilution series I started earlier this month. He also helped count the colony forming units (CFUs) for […]

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