Mother’s Brag

AS in me, being a mother, bragging on my own child. Proud as I am of the kids, every so often one of them is particularly cute. Here is a pic I took this evening after the Alice in Wonderland performance, he’s posing with his makeup artist! Wish you could see the really amazing silver […]

Stidkid #2, first guitar solo

This was at a fundraiser for a friend’s church.  I helped a little. I am very proud of him for wanting to help his friends, and impressed with his guitar playing.  First time he had tried this — I hope it won’t be his last! And this is stidkid#1 and his grandmother, who were about […]

Monday – Kitchen Counter

Today, at the end of the day, the elder stidkid and I decluttered one counter of the kitchen, washing and cleaning, and getting all the appliances on one surface, ready to use. The table was cleared off after as the large pots and such found their real homes… a little still needs to be sorted, […]

What I’ve been up to…

Kids. More stuff with kids. LOTS of stuff with kids, and a welcome break from incessant studying. I officially finished my studies at Evergreen for the quarter on Wednesday evening when I showed up for an evaluation conference that was canceled at the last minute. Handed in my paperwork and gratefully went home early. I […]

Science Fair Success!!!

There were many wonderful (and a few weird) science projects this year at the local school. Our participant received the third place award for his grade level… Here are two pics of the project “in situ” — the second one shows it next to the first-place winner for their grade, a good experiment with plants! […]

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