Thinking ahead… keeping space and opportunity.

What will the coming summer and school year bring? I honestly do not know. I am certain I have a position as a teacher, but more than that, I am not sure how the year will start out (depends on infection rates…). I am hoping to return to third grade – a near-perfect blend of […]

School Closures: Mar-Jul 2020

[I wrote this in March and July, but didn’t post it. I am posting it now… as we rapidly approach the end of August. I have more reflections, but will do those in a new post!] I am up early, the first Sunday of the official closure. We thought, last Sunday, that we would at […]

Nearly done…

with the student teaching for this quarter. So much still to do, but I am looking forward to being able to take a few weeks’ breather beginning the end of November. The students are working on completing their final projects — a formal assessment consisting of a paper and a presentation. I am taking time […]

Poetry Redux

Tomorrow, I teach 130(ish) 8th graders a lesson on poetry, and will focus on tanka, a Japanese form similar to, but longer than, haiku. I will also review rhymed verse, and free verse. Students will be asked to write two poems, of which one will be tanka, and the other may be anything they choose. […]

The Perils of Teaching (mini-rant)

I am sure there will be many surprises in my years teaching, but this, unfortunately, will not be one of them: yet another teacher has been poisoned by students. A couple years ago something similar happened locally when students put a known allergen in their teacher’s coffee. {Note to self: don’t leave beverages unattended in […]

Making a Difference, Voting

Change is afoot indeed. Today, the best news for children and educators our state has had in a long time… We have a new Superintendent of Public Instruction. Congratulations, Randy Dorn! KiroTV news item And Randy Dorn’s website Yes, this makes me happy. Again.

6th Grade Language Arts

Well, this wasn’t just “my” project, but I had a hand in it, and I feel good about both the planning process and the execution of the unit. I am quite proud that I worked outside my comfort zone in many areas this year, but this particular project was both the most challenging and the […]

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