New WP Dashboard and THANKS to “Anonymous”

Tom uploaded a new dashboard for my website — the piece that lets me create and modify the posts. This will take some getting used to… Meantime, someone anonymous has given me a subscription to an online word game site I enjoy. Whoever you are, thanks! And everyone else, check out Quote Puzzler. It’s VERY […]

Reader Appreciation

Who reads my writing? A few people, for sure. My mother (hello Mother!), some friends from Babble (hey Babblers!), and an occasional passerby who wanders here from another site (hi there!). Whoever you are, or whatever your reason for coming here, I want you to know that I appreciate the time you spend! I know […]

Reader Appreciation Day

Tomorrow is Reader Appreciation Day, thought up and promoted by my friend Robin at The Other Mother. Here is a link to her blogposts about it: the first one Madonna Thanks…; some ideas people have on how to do this; and the list of participants. You can still add yourself to the list of participants […]

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