Random poems in advance…

This is an edited version, I wrote this originally Tuesday night, for posting Wednesday, and wasn’t awake enough to edit for “time sense” — thanks for being patient! Next month (tomorrow) begins national poetry month. On the drive home from school Tuesday it hailed, snowed, rained, sleeted and was generally stormy. Somehow, poetry felt like […]

Autumn Arrives

The “first significant snow” in the mountains. A lot of rain down near Puget Sound. The leaves on the trees, that were so bright this past week, that covered the ground with a warm quilt of color, will soon turn brown and the light will filter through the bare branches. Except for the evergreens, which […]

Quiet Day of Light and Shadow

A week after the official start of autumn, and it’s cooler. Won’t get into the 70s today, and the sun keeps getting swept behind the clouds by the wind. It’s going to stay in the 40s at night and not get above the 60s much from this point on. I admit to some regrets that […]

Snow. Again. ARGH!

This is what was outside my front door yesterday, such lovely little daffodils. They’re about 4″ tall, they herald the arrival of the bigger ones. You can see the pink hybrid hyacinths are getting ready to bloom in the lower right corner. And last night, we had some visitors, sorry about the quality of this, […]

More about the snow…

The drive into town was fine. The drive home…   well it was snowing.  Pretty steadily for about an hour while we were finished the shopping.  We figure it snowed 6 more inches from the time we left the house. A picture taken by the stidkid shows our estimate is pretty close. By the time we […]

Did I mention the snow?

Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks, sorry that a couple may be a little blurry.  These start with the younger stidkid waiting for his class to perform at the band concert on the 9th, then the snow on Sunday and the orchestra concert at a downtown church (both kids performed), and a […]

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