We had a flock of pine siskins come through and hang around our yard for about thirty minutes. They just left. I think, though I didn’t count (they move so fast) that there were at least several dozen, if not more than a hundred. Here is a little video Tom took (or will be, when I get it to work with YouTube).  I wrote too soon…  there was no video and the pics are not clear enough to show the wee birdies.  Will have to try again next year when they come through!

It is the first day of the new year — and it was a good reminder of the way the world works. We are home, resting and saving up for the next three days (a very busy three days are planned), while the rest of Gaia’s children go on about their business. The world turns, the days progress, and life goes on.

May the Blessings of Life be yours today and through the year.

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