Trying to stay upbeat, (however…)

Climate change. I worry about the future, not that I would likely live to see the worst effects in my lifetime, but my children might — and if they have children, my grandchildren will. Already, I believe that our climate has irrevocably altered. Things I enjoy like chocolate, coffee, vanilla… those may disappear in a […]

What we’ve been up to…

Mostly going through boxes from the fire (two years ago), and boxes from the storage locker (almost a year). Watering — a LOT because of the intensely high, unseasonal heat (90s in the shade — the kind of weather that would be normal for about four days in August). Gardening — Tom has been getting […]

NaPoWriMo 2015.21

Last gasp of joy the sunlight glinting low off treetops while the black clouds roll in over the hills. Purple lilacs and white viburnum, will you wait? The temperature drops and the winds pick up driving branches, leaves and pedestrians along the road. Gentle apple and billowing cherry, will you wait? Birds call out to […]

Just leaving to do yardwork…

and it started pouring down HAIL. Big, loud, dropping like marbles from angry thunderclouds. The parking lot at the apartment in town is white with hard pellets and deep in water. For the record, I think we have had rain for at least part of every day since the first week of April. The news […]

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