After a full night’s sleep, out of alphabetical order, I know, here are my expectations for the new administration:

  • Restore the rule of law and constitutionality to the administration. Rather than going their own way and thumbing their nose at the legality of their actions, I expect this administration to be scrupulous in both interpretation and following of all laws.
  • Re-engage with nations that have been alienated by the outgoing administration, both friend and foe, even as they make clear that despotism is not acceptable even when done by our allies.
  • Emphasize education, training and job formation — while removing the barriers that the “No Child Left Behind Act” created
  • Lead the way. For young people, for immigrants, for parents, for politicians, for the world. I believe this new administration has the energy, the experience and the will to bring unity and hope to the world.

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