Next Steps

Well, after the partying is done and the confetti is swept up, after the last tourists have returned to their homes and life in D.C. resumes its normal frenetic pace, the president, his administration, congress and the people need to get on with life. The rest of us… we need to get on with life, […]

inauguration — expectation

After a full night’s sleep, out of alphabetical order, I know, here are my expectations for the new administration: Restore the rule of law and constitutionality to the administration. Rather than going their own way and thumbing their nose at the legality of their actions, I expect this administration to be scrupulous in both interpretation […]

Signs and Portents

Okay, this starts out a little silly, but here are some headlines that caught my attention this last week… Let’s start with a “sexapus” — a six-legged cephalopod (its parents and siblings are presumably octopi). And then there are the avalanches — on Mars, in addition to the ones that have plagued the local mountain […]

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