I am struggling to revise the BIG PAPER from last quarter which, as I re-read it, shows just how little I know and just how little I am changing!

I am supposed to revise the paper to incorporate new information and ideas from this quarter… and I find that there are so many redundancies that it’s hardly worth the effort. The important pieces have been said. What little CAN be added isn’t really necessary for the conclusions I drew and I don’t know that simply adding “so-and-so agrees, too” is useful. I don’t know that removing the details from before and replacing with new authors is useful, either. I refuse to put in theories that don’t reflect my personal beliefs (and there are many in the books we are reading).

All this, while I am trying to get caught up on the other tasks that languished in the last week while I had a migraine.

Writing is rapidly ceasing to be fulfilling. And thinking is out of the question.

Grad school stinks.

Spring can’t arrive soon enough for me.

One Interaction on “Writer’s Block – Thinker’s Block?

  1. An update Friday 19 Feb: after discussing this paper with my designated faculty mentor, I decided to work on an entirely new thesis, using the previous paper as a skeleton (gutting most of it) and pulling in the relevant new material to support this quarter’s focus of literacy. I think I will have something decent, but it won’t be “great” by a long shot. It will, however, be DONE.

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