The house is gone, the land is bare, but enough remains that we can see where we have been. And there is “just enough” of a hint of where we may eventually end up. Here are a few pics, and apologies to my friends who were looking for these two days ago — my energy levels and time haven’t exactly been coinciding recently.

Photo Jul 02, 1 38 55 PM

The first picture is taken from the parking area in front of the house and looks across where the master bedroom and living room and kitchen were.

Photo Jul 02, 1 40 55 PM

This second picture shows what is left of one of my more than 70 cookbooks… a really nice community-created cookbook, but one that we didn’t save because there were too many, and no place to put them until we could clean them.

Photo Jul 02, 1 41 30 PM

A view from the driveway side of the house, down to the fig trees and the “wall-o-trees” between our property and the neighbors’ The boys’ bedrooms were at that end of the house.

Photo Jul 02, 1 42 03 PM

Looking up at the house from the backyard, or what would have been the house. The van is parked in front of what used to be our bedroom. Behind it, is the lovely chestnut tree, in full bloom.

Photo Jul 02, 1 39 31 PM

A close-up of the amazing chestnut sprays. They are creamy colored, and have a very elegant scent this time of year.

Photo Jun 29, 5 27 22 PM

Last but not least, one lovely shot of the cherries that were on the tree in the orchard. We have since picked the ones the birds didn’t eat, and I am hoping to make a pie at some point this week.

Not much left of our home, but I think that the open space (which is almost as long as the new house will be, and only about 10 feet shallower) gives a good idea of “possibility.” At least, it gives a better sense of positive movement than the burned-out shell that was left after the fire.

It will happen, at some point.

2 Interactions on “What’s left, and moving ahead

  1. I love the look of your new house — it will be a delight through the years. You’re lucky in that you can begin again in the area you love, with the people you love nearby.

  2. heart-breaking to see what is, or rather isn’t left. but onto bigger? and better things sweetie.heartfelt good wishes as you rebuild your lives and home.

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