I wanted to revamp my little studio over the summer, but a series of setbacks prevented that (again).

Recently, Tom saw a little sewing table with a section that drops down to hold a machine for an affordable price. Today (17 Oct 2021) he helped me move a shelving unit from one wall to another, put up pegboard, and move out one desk to make room for the table.

I hope to have the energy to put together a youtube update/video, but until then, here’s a quick, unedited view of today’s upgrade.

On the left the new sewing table with a small set of plastic drawers, a pink office chair, and the new peg board on the wall, the wall shelves moved to the adjacent (window) wall, and a series of desks/tables and storage arranged under the shelves and the window.

The large walnut desk now has a small wool pressing pad on the “typing” extension, and the main surface will be free for actual crafting!

Unseen: the clutter on the shelves on the wall opposite the sewing table – the remains of last year’s at-home teaching and some unsorted materials that need permanent homes.

In addition… the library still needs to be mucked out again now that I am done prepping for school. The 8th week (31st day) begins in the morning, and I still feel completely behind in planning. Three weeks remain in the quarter, and fall conferences the week after. I’ll have good data on the children, but the truth is that I am still inventing everything as I go – which is not my normal pattern.

This is not a great year for teachers, as we are working harder than ever and seeing very little understanding of what it’s really like from the “decision-makers” living in comfortable home and meeting in well-appointed offices. Our students are normal kids trying to learn in unusual times… and their behaviors, growth, and experiences are definitely not falling within normal bounds.

So I am going to start sewing for a while in the evenings when I am not completely exhausted, just to have something that shows progress. Something that I can control. Something, anything, that is predictable and reliable.

I have projects, plans, and patterns. I have space, supplies, and “stuff.” I have a loving spouse, and a patient dog, and ideas galore.

It will be good to have something to work toward when I am at home so I am not tempted to work on teaching and school!

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