Sewing for School

This is a long time coming: Started July 2021 when I realized I wanted some very specific items to keep students at their desks (covid protocols will be in place for the foreseeable future due to the age of my students). It is now November 2022. I did NONE of these tasks. Some of them […]

Costuming and SCA Garb: 2021 and beyond

My first attempts at medieval attire for us were initiated in July 2021, and then COMPLETELY STALLED due to circumstances beyond my control. It is now June 2022 and I am going to try again. This summer there are no classes, no trips, and no visitors planned. Sewing seasons begins NOW. First: DREAMS I have […]

Resources for Sewing (November)

Looking up resources and information today on a variety of topics for sewing, here are some good resources: I will eventually add these to the Stidmama Sews pages, but needed to get them up before I forgot¡ Fabrics: Fabric Blog: Link takes you to a page about fabric weights, but there are many other useful […]

The Studio… Sewing Corner

I wanted to revamp my little studio over the summer, but a series of setbacks prevented that (again). Recently, Tom saw a little sewing table with a section that drops down to hold a machine for an affordable price. Today (17 Oct 2021) he helped me move a shelving unit from one wall to another, […]

A Lap Quilt for Dad

Some time ago, (autumn-winter 2019-20) I realized my third grade students could use a reason to practice measuring skills, and needed to refine their fine-motor skills as well. So we worked on a quilting project – not alone, I had parent helpers (including my own mother – thanks Mom!), and they were able to create […]

New header for new times

I am going to be making a few changes as the house starts to reach its conclusion (they taped and mudded the walls today). I have realized that my page that tracked the development of the plants and yard needs some re-thinking. A rethink-reconfiguration-replacement will go up this Summer (sooner if I have time on […]

Repost: 2009 “Writer Profile”

I wrote this for the class I took called Ecology of Language and Place. It was posted on April 13, 2009. Although I would rework it some today, the essence of the piece is fairly intact. I was actually looking for something else, and discovered that the class blog was still active! Here is a […]

Children are a Joy…. (yeah, right)

Here’s a “bah-humbug” post for the season. Consider it my cynical attempt to help control the world’s population. I know many young people who think children are fun, cuddly, adorable. Basically like teddybears that you get to dress up and take out in public. Here’s a warning: they don’t stay small and easily controlled for […]

A New Story Idea

When Dr. Nut asked me to write a pirate story, I said “sure thing” without giving it a thought. After several days of trying to get my ideas to gel, I was about to give up. But Nut is tenacious… so I finally finished it and she put it on Babblecast for your listening enjoyment. […]

This is interesting… ~a site that rates blogs

I can’t remember how I came across this website,, but I visited it yesterday, entered this site in and within a day they had given me a pretty good rating! You can surf away from the page that highlights my blog to look at entire categories, rated and ranked. I am in the “Stay […]

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