Resources for Sewing (November)

Looking up resources and information today on a variety of topics for sewing, here are some good resources: I will eventually add these to the Stidmama Sews pages, but needed to get them up before I forgot¡ Fabrics: Fabric Blog: Link takes you to a page about fabric weights, but there are many other useful […]

The Studio… Sewing Corner

I wanted to revamp my little studio over the summer, but a series of setbacks prevented that (again). Recently, Tom saw a little sewing table with a section that drops down to hold a machine for an affordable price. Today (17 Oct 2021) he helped me move a shelving unit from one wall to another, […]

A Lap Quilt for Dad

Some time ago, (autumn-winter 2019-20) I realized my third grade students could use a reason to practice measuring skills, and needed to refine their fine-motor skills as well. So we worked on a quilting project – not alone, I had parent helpers (including my own mother – thanks Mom!), and they were able to create […]

New header for new times

I am going to be making a few changes as the house starts to reach its conclusion (they taped and mudded the walls today). I have realized that my page that tracked the development of the plants and yard needs some re-thinking. A rethink-reconfiguration-replacement will go up this Summer (sooner if I have time on […]

Repost: 2009 “Writer Profile”

I wrote this for the class I took called Ecology of Language and Place. It was posted on April 13, 2009. Although I would rework it some today, the essence of the piece is fairly intact. I was actually looking for something else, and discovered that the class blog was still active! Here is a […]

Children are a Joy…. (yeah, right)

Here’s a “bah-humbug” post for the season. Consider it my cynical attempt to help control the world’s population. I know many young people who think children are fun, cuddly, adorable. Basically like teddybears that you get to dress up and take out in public. Here’s a warning: they don’t stay small and easily controlled for […]

A New Story Idea

When Dr. Nut asked me to write a pirate story, I said “sure thing” without giving it a thought. After several days of trying to get my ideas to gel, I was about to give up. But Nut is tenacious… so I finally finished it and she put it on Babblecast for your listening enjoyment. […]

This is interesting… ~a site that rates blogs

I can’t remember how I came across this website,, but I visited it yesterday, entered this site in and within a day they had given me a pretty good rating! You can surf away from the page that highlights my blog to look at entire categories, rated and ranked. I am in the “Stay […]


Like a challenge? How about adventure, romance, thrills and chills? Aspire to be/do/say something a bit more than the average? November is National Novel Writing Month. I think I will give this a try. I managed to write a chapter in the BabbleStory today… 978 words in one hour. How hard can 50,000 words be? […]

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